The always bewitching mix of meandering acoustic plucking and aching brown-eyed soul is a winning combination no matter which way you spin it. Brother Neil has this craft nailed, and he takes his time letting listeners know it. Songs meander from Sunday-morning-love-confessional to spring-in-your-step adventure tunes. Expertly played, with uncommon chord changes to make it that much more exciting.

Shannon Duvall - Youbloom L.A 2016

His live shows are well paced and relaxed. Neil jokes and easily interacts with the audience, without spending too much time between songs. And if you listen to his studio work before going to see him live you won’t be disappointed, all the energy and quality of each song is equal both live and on his disc.  Truthfully? His music is very good.

This is one disc that most people won’t find themselves skipping songs on.
Throw it in, press play and just let it roll.

John Goodale -

“Switching styles is one thing - as Brother Neil does with ease and grace on "Bonfire Confessions". But in the end, it's the songs that count the most. And to these ears, the album is a feast of folk music. In the ideal world for which we long, young people with guitars will be singing these very songs around a camp fire in years to come.”

- Mark Rheaume, CBC Radio